Chairman's Desk

Vipin Rai


At Shemford High School, Azamgarh, it is our prime endeavour to inculcate values, passion, knowledge and confidence in every child who entrusts us with his or her future.Our mission is to nurture every child holistically to become a resilient and passionate learner of good characters. Our vision is to provide a stimulating environment to every child and, in turn, imbibe in him or her sense of courage, challenge and confidence to achieve greater heights.

Thus, we invest our best resources and know- how in the children, so that they come out victorious, no matter what may come. I welcome all children on a journey of focus, passion, perseverance, and commitments. Our teachers are dedicated and inspired to provide the right direction to every incumbent. In order to inspire every student to reach beyond, we extend the world-class technologies, well-planned regimens and creative appeals every year. Something we keep innovating to keep our school on par with international curriculum and routines. Our main objective is to indoctrinate in the students that attitude, through education and abilities so that he or she can stand up to every challenge confidently and say, I believe, I can.